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Power of small things

We humans are interesting creatures. We want everything at the same time and NOW. Our addiction to instant gratification is what leads us to troubles.

Let’s say you want to lose some weight (who doesn’t?). Without reading any weight loss books tell me – what do you need to do to lose weight?

Two things really.

1. – Eat less.

2. – Move more.

That’s it. That’s the whole secret. Millions of books are written that tell you thousand different strategies to do these 2 things – how to eat less and how to move more.

So why do we struggle with our weight when everything is so simple?

Welcome our addiction to instant gratification.

We want to lose weight NOW. We don’t want to exercise for 3 months. We don’t want to change our eating habits permanently. We want to watch TV, eat garbage, and look gorgeous.

The main problem here is our attitude.  If you want to lose weight – fix your brains first. Change the way you think, then everything will happen automatically.

What if instead of craving chocolate you’d crave mango? Or green salad? Have you ever craved the green salad?

What if instead of resting your butt on a couch you’d WANT to run a mile or 5? Just because you enjoy running and you feel great about it.

Our main goal when changing anything should be finding small things that when done constantly bring changes.

So let’s continue with weight loss.

Ask yourself – what activities do I enjoy? Do you like biking? Swimming? Dancing? Sign up for the tango class. Find a yoga class. Find something you actually LIKE and then you won’t have to struggle.

Find some small things you can do daily. Like use stairs instead of elevator. Park on a far side of a parking lot. Tiny habits can bring huge difference.

The key here is to make it a habit. So don’t just take stairs 2 times. It will give you nothing. So you climbed 2 flights and burned 10 calories. Trust me, no one will notice.

The great power lies in EVERYDAY ACTIONS. Let’s imagine you climb just 10 flights every day. On average you burn 5 cal per average/12-step flight, so it comes to 50 calories burned. Now let’s say you do it every day for a year.

Congratulations! You just burned 18.250 calories! Every 3500 cals equals 1lb. So it means you lost 5 pound of pure FAT.

You see, small things accumulate over days. Your goal should be adding tiny things like this to your daily routine. 2013 is coming, so what I suggest you to do is his:

1. Make a list of 12 healthy habits you can start. Like drink a glass of water early in the morning. Have a healthy breakfast. Climb a couple of flights every day. Make sure it’s not some drastic change. Like going from Mcdonalds eater to vegan. Make it a small tiny habit.

2. Now implement 1 habit every month. So January is devote to habit #1. February you already are used to habit #1 and you add habit #2. And so on.

3. By 2014 you won’t recognize yourself. And your friends won’t recognize you as well. you will be healthy, energetic, powerful person. You will be glowing with health and vitality!

And here’s the tip. For the first habit – start watching TED videos every day. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. Ted is a collection of a greatest minds. people share amazing ideas in 20 minutes, and most of the presentations are just jaw-dropping. For my collection of inspirational TED talks go to:

This one habit will super charge your motivation.

Care to share your thoughts?


Accomplish Your Goals Quicker: 10 Steps You Must Take

Do you know how to attain your goals? We all want to make sure that when we set our goals then we accomplish those goals as well. But what are those obstacles that come in the way of you and your goals? Did you have time to think about it? I must tell you one thing, a person who cannot spare time to think about his mistakes, cannot reach to his goals ever in his life. But, don’t worry. we all get second chance in our life. Read this article and find out the 10 easy steps that you can follow the make sure that you can attain your goals quicker.

1. Developing a vision about how to reach your goals

The most usual reason due to which most of the people cannot reach their goal is that, they don’t set the powerful goal for themselves. I’ve seen it a lot of times. People come to me with high enthusiasm, logically a person with high motivation should succeed in achieving his goals but if a person is over excited then he will get exhausted before reaching to his destination. This is what happens with most of the people.

Believe me, you are not a failure, you can never fail in your life, you are not supposed to fail, you are not made to be failed unless you don’t know how to succeed. We all want to achieve high success but only a few people know how to get to that place. So, the thing you need to do is to set your goals sensibly. If you will set an challenging goal for yourself then you will need to do extraordinary hard work so that you can reach to that point.

2. Get motivated to accomplish your goals

Nothing can be achieved without true motivation. You won’t be able to stand up and drink a glass of water if you are not motivated enough. The best way to get motivated about something is to think about it and realize the need of that particular thing. Here’s an example; you want to lose weight but you are not motivated enough to do it.

Start thinking and imagining yourself as a person who doesn’t have any extra pound on his body. This is the picture that will keep your motivated. Read the personal stories of those people who lost weight successfully. This is what you also need to do to reach your goals. So, get motivated and start moving towards your long term goals with self-confidence.

3. Give yourself time

We make decisions daily but we don’t realize that time has the great power to break our beliefs. It is always important to keep some flexibility in your thinking because as the time passes, the position can change. I’m not saying that you should stop moving towards the goal that you have set for yourself but you must keep in your mind that with the passage of time, there might be a need to modify the plans a little. This attitude can be very helpful for anyone to get most out of their efforts.

4. Know your best qualities to accomplish your goals

Sometimes, we don’t know what we are capable of. I never knew that I could become a really good coach unless I tried to coaching. Once I started preparation my son for his school games, I realize that this was somewhere inside me and I didn’t knew it. You also have some most amazing qualities and there are some unique strong powers that you have got as well. All you need to do is to find your strengths and start moving towards the goals using your personal strong sides.

5. Develop strategies to attain your goals

Have you ever seen a successful person making a rash decision? I have never seen it. If you will not think about what you are going to say or going to do, there are strong chances of your failure in that particular task. Spend some time developing one or two good strategies about how you are going to reach your goal.

6. Come up with a Plan

This is one of the most key things you need to do. If you will not write down your plan then it will be just a wish. How can you wish for your “wish” to become true? Write your plan down, consider the possible obstacles, decide what you will do if you succeed, and write down how you will behave if you were unsuccessful. There is a lot work to do, you cannot just sit in your lounge and keep wishing for miracles to happen.

7. Think of reward in advance

You should divide your main goal to mini-goals and every time, you attain that mini-goal, you should reward yourself. For example; once you reach to a particular mini-goal, get yourself a book you wanted or go for a pleasant slow walk with a pal. However, if you fail to reach to that particular small goal in the way then you should penalize yourself as well. You can start waking up one hour earlier for a week to reach the mini-goal that you haven’t reached in time. These small steps are very helpful in achieving your goals.

8. It’s time to take action

You cannot keep sitting and keep making plans all the time. Now since, we are done with a lot of paper work and goal setting, we can move towards the action. Begin working on your plan as you have decided but make sure that you don’t lose your way. Keep yourself motivated, don’t let the obstacles let you down. Always remind yourself about the reasons why you want to achieve this goal.

9. Celebrate the success

Celebrate your progress regularly to keep yourself motivated. Once you have reached to your first milepost, you should celebrate that moment. If this is a business success then you must gather all your employees and team members for a party. This will keep you and your team motivated to achieve even more impressive results.

10. Congratulate yourself, every time you achieve a goal

You should stay positive all the time and keep focused on your success rate. Take some time to congratulate yourself and notice your accomplishments for every little thing that you do good. Whenever I’m pleased with myself I say, “Hey, Champ! Way to go!”. This is a simple way to keep yourself motivated.

So the important thing is to develop a strong plan, keep yourself motivated and reward yourself for every goal you attain.

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